Biolait as the major actor in the organic dairy sector is a priviledged player. Biolait allows you to offer a large range of organic dairy products. Thanks to a well-known professionalism,the group involves its expertise which is characterized by deliveries on demand with flexible ,adaptable and reactive logistics.

A solid partnership in the dairy sector

A guarantee of total traceability

Biolait has had nearly 20years experience in the dairy sector. Biolait undertakes to guarantee total traceability and optimal quality from collection to delivery for the dairy industries. Biolait collects exclusively French organic certified milk throughout France.

Biolait has its own rigorous procedures of control (included in the standards specification) throughout the different stages of its activity. Traceability controls are carried out regularly and are periodically supplemented  by specific analysis in order to respond to the consumers' needs(no pesticids, no PCB or GMO's). Concerning antibiotics ,the critical point allowed by Biolait is 4 times lower than in the conventional dairy sector.

In 2004 ,the HACCP method was put in place(a procedure for monitoring the quality of milk).At each stage of  the collection ,critical points are controlled such as systematic control of the temperature ,the amount of milk acidity ,antibiotic test..Our own control  allows us to check all the practical applications of these preventive measures.

Flexibility of supply

With a large territorial organization , Biolait provides flexible deliveries appreciated by the dairies. Biolait adapts itself to your constraints so as to optimize and rationalize the different costs  in your processing industries. So Biolait can simultaneously deliver several tanks to your plant if needed.

A Secured supply

Thanks to its contractual policy and to ensure their sourcing ,the dairies have the possibility of signing one to five year contracts. 96% of our milk is contracted for over 3 years.

Diversified products according to your needs

Biolait can offer you :

  • Liquid milk :

from 500 litres of full  fat milk per week to several tanks of 25000 litres each  delivered to your processing plant.

  • Milk powder :

25kg bag or big bag of skimmed milk powder or full fat milk powder. Other sizes can be made up on request

  • Cream :

25000litres of fresh cream can be sold ex.factory or delivered to your factory.

  • Industrial butter :

Industrial butter in cube.