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ABioDoc, the national centre of ressources in organic farming, offers information and documentation concerning organic and sustainable agricultural techniques, economics and regulations as well as social and environmental aspects.

Agence Bio

The Agence Bio is an officially recognised group whose mission is to develop and promote organic agriculture.


Biocoop brings together more than 325 shops in a common cause, the developpement of organic farming in a spirit of equitability and cooperation.

Leader in organic food distribution, Biocoop is well known for its fair trade products and its wide choice of eco-products and cosmetics. More than a simple network of shops, Biocoop wants to influence society and share its project with other actors : employees, consumers, producers and partners.

Générations Futures

Founded in 1996, Générations Futures (ex-MDRGF) is an association for the defense of the environment approved by the Minister of Ecology and recognised as being in the general public interest.

FNAB (National Federation for Organic Agriculture)

Created in 1978 as a mouthpiece for organic producers, FNAB is up to now, the only professional agricultural network that specialises in organic farming in France. In its role as a community and specialist network, it consists of a national federation and regional and départemental groups spread all over the country.

Nicolas Hulot Fondation

Since its creation in 1990, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and for Man has for its objective to modify individual and collective behaviour in order to preserve our planet.

A non governmental organisation (ONG) recognised for its public utility, apolitic and nonsectorian, the Foundation uses everything in its power to initiate a new form of society which relies on the recognition of the interdependance between human beings and all living things.


Organic Valley

At Organic Valley, the philosophy and the decisions are based on the well-being of people, animals and the earth. This cooperative has for its mission to bring together their farmers as family and has one of the leaders in organic farming since its beginnings.

Printemps BIO

During the first fortnight of June throughout France, hundreds of initiatives are put in place in every region, with a national launch and information aids concerning organic agriculture and its products.


Unébio was founded in 2004 with the wishes of more than 1000 organic French farmers, eager to offer products directly from their farms. Its mission is to feed the man more healthy and sustainably as possible with quality meats.