The advantages of milk

Milk and dairy products represent an indispensable family of foods necessary for a balanced diet. They are rich in proteins (containing all the amino acids), in vitamins B2 and B12 (glucids, lipids and proteinic metabolism), in vitamin A (good for the sight, the skin and resistance to infections and especially rich in calcium (essential for bone structure).

verre de lait bio

Allergy to proteins in cow's milk is not frequent : 2 or 3% of children under 2 are affected and the allergy disappears later in most cases.

Some people who cannot tolerate lactose may suffer from digestive problems if they drink too much milk. They may drink small quantities of milk or take in the form of yoghurts or cheese.

Milk contains 120 mg of calcium per 100 ml, vegetables contain 35 mg and citrus fruits 20 to 40 mg per 100g.


The differences between organic and conventional milk

Fat is able to concentrate and stock toxic matter (ex : PCB, pesticides) present in the environment, hence the importance of choosing organic milk.

Nutritional quality

The grass based diet used in organic agriculture means that the quality of organic milk is superior to conventional milk.

In organic milk, you will find :

  • A composition which is richer in polyunsatured fatty acids ;
  • Less use of concentrates and the grazing of pastureland rich in leguminous plants means a reduction in monosatured and satured fatty acids ;
  • A milk which is richer in omega-3 help to reduce diabetes, inflammatory diseases (asthma) and reinforces immune functions ;
  • An improved CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) profile, a lipid composition that must be present in the human diet and which contributes to a better health (prevention of cancers, better circulation of the blood) ;
  • An improved profile in vitamin E and beta-carotine ;
  • An omega-3 / omega-6 ratio optimal for good health.

Sanitary quality

Organic farmers use alternative agricultural practices which conform to rigorous specifications and which strictly forbid the use of phytosanitary products and as a precautionary measure, antibiotics are only used to treat an animal when it is strictly necessary.

That is why at Biolait after analysis of its organic milk you will not find :

Présentation de différents produits homéopathiques et littérature associée

  • Any trace of pesticides ;
  • Any trace of veterinary medecines which means a reduced risk of a direct intoxication of the human organism as well as risks linked to the modification of the digestive flora and microbiological risks ;
  • Any antibiotic substance likely to cause antibioresistance.