Biolait, a three dimensional collect

Biolait is a compagny witch desends social economy and solidarity among its producers. it was created in 1994, at the instigation of six producers from the west of France. At that time, very little organic milk was collected. These pionners chose to set up their own collection and  marketing with the idea of developping subsainable network without excluding any territory.


A project with a economic vocation

Biolait is the most important French collector of organic cow's milk whose activity is 100% delicated to this network witch today supply more than 40 dairies.


Biolait has an administrative and commercial structure, as well as a flexible and adatable logistical structure. Thanks to its high quality milk requirements, Biolait offers its custumers a made to measure service.

Established throughout France, Biolait provides a quality raw material which contributes alongside its clients to the developpement of a variety of products (liquid milk, yoghurts, desserts, label cheeses ...) industrial as well as traditional.

A project with a human vocation

Solidarity between producers is at the heart of Biolait's project. They are all paid the same price, everywhere in France. Transparency is the key word in the internal workings of Biolait with regard to its producers.

This solidarity is also expressed by collecting the milk in difficult areas.

Concerned by a fair distribution of the added value between each operator, Biolait intends to develop a partnership with mutual respect between dairies and distributors.

A project with an environmental vocation


The environmental approach has always been present in the project of Biolait. Biolait provides a total traceability of its organic products.

All the 650 farms have the label "100 % organic farming". This label is the most successful label concerning the environment witch guarantees the production of the milk.

This environmental choice is also expressed through internal decisions about eco-construction (headquartered in the High Environmental Quality) and through the vehicles selection (trucks with EEV engines).




1994 : creation of the collection by six organic milk producers and first truck bought.


1994 à 2002 : development of the  collection from the west of France to the north and in other  France regions, including 40 departments.


2000 :  tripartite partnership signature with  the distributor "Biocoop", and several processing industries. Creation of the logo : "together for more meaning".


2002 : A growth crisis in the organic milk supply chain : the collection is reorganized. However, no producer is abandonned, thanks to a mutualisation of the milk price.


Avril 2006 : The association becomes a limited liability society. It manages the collection and the trade of organic cow's milk .


2007 : The "grenelle" of environment debate contributes to the growth of organic products consumption.


2009 : a lot of producers are joining us. Inauguration of the new head office in Saffré, near Nantes.


2011 : signature of a tripartite partnership with the cooperative association of retailers "Système U" and the "dairy of St Denis de l'Hôtel" near Orléans.


2013 : Biolait conts more than 1000 members and over 600 dairy farms, collects more than 100 millions litres.


Biolait SAS today

Biolait SAS, it's :

2000 producers

180 millions litres of milk collected in 2016, first operator of organic milk in France.

71 departments collected, a multi-territorial collection, structuring the organic dairy sector.

More than 100 processing industries are delivered.

More than 250 products and branded organic milk products.


Biolait SAS (Société à Action Simplifié)

5 Rue des entrepreneurs

44 390 SAFFRE

02 51 81 52 38

The producers : the heart of the strucutre

All the political or strategic decisions are taken by the producers. This clear and democratic representation implies their involvment on several internal levels : the general meeting, the board of directors (the board members), local meetings.

The members receive a monthly news flash which is sent with the milk payment and via the website. Even if Biolait is a limited liability society it operates as a  cooperative, more than 95 % of profits are redistributed to the members.

A united general meeting


Assemblée générale 2012

Assemblée générale 2012 - Conseil d'Administration

MAUDIRE Pierre et Marie-Annick GUIFFES

The general meeting is a time of unity and gathers our producers. This important participation, of several hundred producers, shows their involvment in the group. It takes place over two days, alternating working sessions with exchanges between producers.


It is a time which orientates the debate for the following year. The boards members give the required information  and explanations to the producers, which illustrates their high level of involvment in the group and their knowledge of the subject.

This is Pierre MAUDIRE and Marie Annick GUIFFES ' story, producers in the Finistère (Brittany)

 « Becoming a member of Biolait was obvious for us. The high involvment of the producers in the group (that we observed during our first general meeting, in Trégunc, Finistère) seemed essential to us. The friendly relationships between us and some close board members, confirmed our choice. Likewise, the proficiency and motivation of the employees charmed us ! »

The local meetings : a strong and interactive link

The local meetings are held in one or several departments. Led by the board members, the producers meet two or three times a year. The aim is to present and comment the financial  and management results, give information about the market. It is also a place to exchange about strategic choices so as to introduce subjects which may be discussed and voted in our general meeting.



This isAnita and Joseph LE BERRIGAUD'story, producers in the Morbihan (Brittany)

« It was natural that we contact Biolait because we didn't want any other collector. Our first local meeting was a cultural shock, like our first general meeting in Trégunc. We appreciated the conviviality, the proposals and the fact that the producers had the power to make decisions, as well as debates about different topics. »

The board members


The board members includes 15 members, who are elected during the general meeting for 3 renewable years. It represents the variety of geographical localizations and farming systems in Biolait. It decides the orientations of its activity and checks their application. To achieve it, the board members meet every 2 months.

Conseil d'Administration 2012


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